Cloud Pak for Data

All your data, all the time, anywhere on any cloud.

Cloud Pak for Data

Built to take advantage of the enormous scale offered by Red Hat, Cloud Pak for Data is a fully integrated data and AI platform that allows you to accelerate transformation by unleashing productivity and reducing complexity. It can be deployed almost anywhere, Azure, GCP, AWS or private cloud and integrates the entire analytics lifecycle. Our team can help develop and deploy Cloud Pak for your organisation.

The heart of Cloud Pak for data

Data Fabric

At the core of IBM’s Cloud Pak for Data is that it is a virtual connective tissue between data endpoints, unifying that data into an accessible source of information right across your organisation. It doesn’t matter what the deployment platform is, how the data is processed or the geographical location nor architecture of the data. CP4D turns data into an enterprise-wide asset.

Cloud Pak for Data


The primary benefit of CP4D is that it takes disparate data and makes it available as an enterprise wide platform of one of your most valuable assets: your data. In more detail, these benefits include:

  • Single, unified platform
  • Build in governance
  • Extensible and customisable
  • Pre-built AI and industry applications
  • Designed for hybrid cloud

Cloud Pak for Data

The Promise

IBM’s Cloud Pak for data allows you to make data available to any user across any cloud, warehouse, database, or file without moving, replicating, or migrating the data or creating new copies. Compared to a traditional data warehouse made up of highly structured ETL based databases, this takes the exploitation of data in a different direction, without the need to use ETL or secondary databases.

Cloud Pak for Data will work across disparate data types, structures that don’t align, different locations, sources, and speed of change. It uses a universal query language to provide insights right across the data. This is delivered while applying enterprise data quality and governance polices to provide consistency and to satisfy audit or regulatory compliance.

Cloud Pak for Data


Cloud Pak for Data can be deployed on any cloud, including GCP, AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud or private cloud; bought with an appliance that is preconfigured on a Netezza server; or purchased as a service using a pay as you go model from IBM or Chartertech.

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