Our Network

Chartertech’s connections to industry-leading vendors and industry associations positions us at the forefront of the finance technology space, and our capability is evidenced by our work with some of Australia’s largest Federal Government departments and agencies.

Our Network

Connected, well-informed and working with industry leaders

Firm Affiliations

Chartertech is a recognised Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand (CA ANZ) firm. Our membership helps put our staff in the best position to provide the systems accounting and corporate performance management our clients need. CA ANZ provides the finance industry with:

  • Professional guidance and technical support
  • Ethics standards
  • Professional opportunities in the sector
  • A strict entrance procedure

Through our CA ANZ affiliation, we put our best foot forward for all our clients.

Smart people delivering results

Established in 2017, Chartertech specialises in financial advisory and software and technology solutions that build better finance capability for our clients. We are a registered Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand firm, with qualified accountants and technology professionals. Chartertech has a national presence in the market, with our head office based in Canberra and staff located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart and the NSW South Coast.

Firm Affiliations

Professional affiliations

  • Professional guidance and technical support
  • Ethics standards
  • Profession opportunities in the sector
  • A strict entrance procedure


Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand represents over 131,000 financial professionals and organisations and provides training, standards, and a community for the industry. Chartertech is a registered CA ANZ firm and many of our staff are registered Chartered Accountants.

CPA Australia

CPA Australia is part of an international network for Chartered Accountants. Various Chartertech staff are members of CPA Australia and registered as a Certified Practising Accountant. CPA offers education, training, technical support and advocacy to its members and industry.

Institute of Project Management

The Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) is the longest-serving body for project management in Australia. Various Chartertech staff are members of AIPM.

Institute of Managers and Leaders

The Institute of Managers and Leaders Australia New Zealand provides education, corporate solutions, and a professional community for members to improve their management and leadership skills, and empower their teams. Some of Chartertech’s senior staff are members of the IML ANZ

Australian Institute of Company Directors

The Australian Institute of Company Directors is the trusted independent voice of governance with over 47,000 members committed to becoming better leaders. A number of Chartertech’s staff have completed the courses through the Institute.

Business Partnerships and Software Vendors

We work with industry-leading software vendors to meet our clients’ complex and dynamic needs

As experts in finance, data, and technology, Chartertech works with enterprise-level software to provide the best outcomes for our clients. Our specialists and technicians build custom systems and environments for our clients, and our power users can maintain these for our clients. We also provide comprehensive training in the systems and software we build so our clients can use and manage them moving forward.

IBM Silver Business Partner (TM1 and Cognos)

Chartertech is a registered IBM Partner and we have specialist IBM TM1 and Cognos teams that can execute, implement, and manage IBM Planning Analytics, internal auditing, budgeting and forecasting, reporting and more.

Automation Anywhere

Chartertech partners with Automation Anywhere when clients require the automation of business processes. There are endless opportunities for robotic process automation (RPA) to streamline processes, functions and tasks that boost productivity.


Chartertech partners with Holocentric to capture and transform the interplay of an organisation’s people, processes, and technology. Chartertech uses Holocentric software to standardise, document, and transform business processes.


Access the most trusted SaaS enterprise resource planning software and a team of experts with experience across the TechnologyOne suite.


Chartertech partners with SAS for clients that require sophisticated business intelligence analysis. Our work with SAS provides insight and analysis that empowers our client’s decision-making in systems and processes.


Government panels

Chartertech is a member of various Federal Government panels to offer government organisations quality and secure services. We are a proven implementer in a range of financial and technology solutions and Chartertech staff have the security clearances needed to complete projects and execute activities. Chartertech is a supplier on the following panels:

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