Business Transformation

We transform the way your organisation works from the bottom up, with process re-engineering, automation, and custom solutions to maximise operational efficiency and effectiveness. Our team of modellers analyse your functions from an end-to-end perspective, streamlining and digitising as they go.

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Our Services

Business Transformation

Working within an Online Guidance Portal facilitates shared risk management, compliance perspectives, self-service initiatives, and tailored team sites to redefine value.

We work with an Integrated Guidance approach, utilising a suite of digital tools and technology to bring about lasting transformation and reform your day-to-day governance and finance functions.

Chartertech’s Business Transformation Services:

  • Operational and functional effectiveness and efficiency reviews
  • Intelligent Process Analytics (IPA)
  • Re-engineering and optimising business processes
  • Digitising policy and guidance material
  • Workflows and SmartForm development
  • Relational models
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Business Transformation encompasses a broad range of organisational focus areas through targeted initiatives that position business areas to operate efficiently and effectively. Through transformation and reform activities, projects are often put in place to lift organisation capability through people, process and technology.


  • Business Transformation
  • Reform Planning and Implementation
  • Organisational Planning
  • Compliance/Governance
  • Capability Design


  • Process Optimisation
  • Self-Service
  • Digitalisation
  • Process Automation
  • Analytics and Insights

Our Solutions

Transformation tools


Chartertech partners with Holocentric to capture and transform the interplay of an organisation’s people, processes, and technology. Chartertech uses Holocentric software to standardise, document, and transform business processes.


Chartertech partners with SAS for clients requiring sophisticated business intelligence analysis. Our work with SAS provides insight and analysis that empowers client decision-making in systems and processes.

Automation Anywhere

Chartertech partners with Automation Anywhere when clients require the automation of business processes. There are endless opportunities for robotic process automation (RPA) to streamline processes, functions and tasks that boost productivity.


Powered by industry-leading machine learning, the Hyperscience Platform is powerful and flexible platform that automates any type of document process from input to actionable data.


Chartertech partners with Expense8 to deliver user-friendly Travel & Expense Management solutions tailored our solution to specific organisational needs, and working in tandem with ebusiness systems and requirements.

Our Work

How we helped our clients

Case Study

Finance Reforms – Department of Defence

Chartertech is currently engaged by the Defence Finance Group to define and implement a program of activity to support the transformation program which seeks to evolve the Group from a transactional compliance focused service provider to a strategic business partner.

Case Study

Business Process Guidance – Department of Defence

Chartertech was engaged by the Defence Finance Group (DFG) to systematically design and implement improved business processes and guidance through analysis and digitisation of the finance functions to improve compliance, accountability and efficiency.

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