Case Study

Business Process Guidance - Department of Defence

Chartertech was engaged by the Defence Finance Group (DFG) to systematically design and implement improved business processes and guidance through analysis and digitisation of the finance functions to improve compliance, accountability and efficiency.

Project scope

Chartertech is engaged by the Defence Finance Group (DFG) to systematically design and implement improved business processes and guidance through analysis and digitisation of its finance functions. The core aim of our engagement is to improve compliance, accountability and efficiency of these processes and functions.

The solution

Chartertech has utilised a structured digitisation plan to identify and focus on priority guidance areas. Using the Holocentric Business Management System we have developed a prototype model and are continuing to deliver the following:

  • Guidance materials including business process maps and diagrams, work instructions, task cards, service object hierarchies, digitisation of regulation and policy, integration of processes across the department’s Services and Groups.
  • Mapped and modelled financial processes into business process diagrams.
  • Financial processes that align with relevant legislation and policies to demonstrate compliance and identify assurance factors.
  • An analysis of digitised processes to identify gaps in compliance and opportunities for efficiencies.
  • Training material and delivered one-on-one training sessions for processing staff in working with Holocentric.
  • Communication and change management materials to increase familiarity and awareness of Holocentric and digitised process models.
  • A matrix to define accountabilities and responsibilities.

The Holocentric model has made it easier for Defence members to understand their responsibilities, find guidance material and comply with financial requirements.

Ongoing Engagement

Chartertech’s methodology for the ongoing engagement in DFG includes:

  • Project initiation – establish parameters, identify stakeholders and implement process mapping against project goals.
  • Identify and evaluate existing business processes, policies and procedures – current and future state.
  • Process and solution design – interview financial teams to document their existing processes and identify pinch points, bottlenecks and duplication of effort.
  • Validate that the process is fit for purpose across multiple areas and integrate with critical organisational touch points.
  • Monitor acceptance and feedback of project and adapt/adjust.

Chartertech continues with the modelling and integration of finance functions in DFG, which will allow for a holistic approach to governance that can unlock improved performance for DFG. Chartertech have unlocked process and technology improvements from the core of the modelling work undertaken. Further activity to harness improved compliance through process mapping will improve controls and integration.

This work is a significant and complex project due to the size of Defence, complexities with both military and civilian processes, multiple funding sources and long-term projects that require bespoke processes and an agile approach.

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