March 30, 2023

Chartertech’s Internship Program providing a career pipeline

For many university students, an internship is their first exposure to real world scenarios in which to apply their learning. Chartertech’s ongoing internship program is helping University of Canberra students from the Science and Technology and Business, Government and Law faculties gain firsthand industry experience. For a number of students, it has also opened the door to a future career with Chartertech.

Chartertech developed the internship program around its TechnologyOne and Business Transformation services lines and in conjunction with course convenors at the University of Canberra’s (UC) CareerHub.

With many UC alumni already working at Chartertech, the program was developed to provide students with as much hands-on experience as possible. Our staff involved in developing the program understand how important local internships can be and the role they play in developing and building the foundation of a professional career. This new internship program also offers a path into our graduate programs and full-time positions after completing the program.

As leaders in the finance and technology space, Chartertech offers students opportunities to gain:

“At the start of the program, students are organised into groups across two project offerings depending on their area of study and interests, those lines being TechnologyOne and Business Transformation services.”

Chartertech TechnologyOne and Business Transformation Manager, Kyle McKenzie 

During their internship, students develop solutions to projects that help to build the skills they need for their career while benefiting from structured support from the Chartertech team they work alongside.

TechnologyOne projects involve developing automated testing solutions using both Automation Anywhere and TechnologyOne. Students develop end-to-end system functional testing for TechnologyOne and develop an AI framework to tailor the deployment of a robotic workforce.

The Business Transformation service line develops integrated guidance, business process optimisation and intelligent process analysis using TechnologyOne and Holocentric solutions. These projects employ a variety of skills, including:

Throughout their internship, each student is paired with a Chartertech mentor who guides them through industry-leading technologies and systems such as Automation Anywhere, Holocentric and TechnologyOne.

The skills learnt through a Chartertech internship open many opportunities for students, such as graduate positions and other career opportunities at Chartertech.

University of Canberra students can apply for Chartertech internship opportunities through UC’s CareerHub.

Chartertech internships are also available to students from other universities. For further details, and to submit an expression of interest, visit our Careers page.